Batedeira goes to samba festival Coburg
The biggest samba festival outside of Rio de Janeiro takes place every year in
Coburg, Germany. Batedeira will perform together with dozens other
international samba bands at the 25th edition in 2016
Samba festival Batedeira 20 Aņos sunny and successful
On Saterday 20th September the samba festival Batedeira 20 Aņos took place
in a fantastic summery ambience. About 500 people attended the festival,
organised by Batedeira.
Batedeira wins 1st prize Doesburg Binnenste Buiten
Of all participating music groups, Batedeira has been awarded with the first
prize at the street event Doesburg Binnenste Buiten. The annual festival is one
of the largest outside events in eastern Netherlands.
Batedeira in TV show "This is My Hobby"
In the TV show "This is My Hobby" of TV73 is host Veronique Louise weekly
looking for unique hobbies. Episode 21 with Batedeira and the passion for