batedeira | about us

Since 1994

Batedeira, founded in 1994, is one of the first samba bands in The Netherlands. The band consists of 25 musicians and has a large following. The enthusiasm and uplifting style of music are the typical characteristics of Batedeira.

Batedeira is a hit on festivals, company parties and events. In The Netherlands but also abroad: Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Luxembourg and Denmark. The combination of a band (bateria) with dancers (passistas) makes us quite unique. Batedeira offers a diverse mix of different Brazilian music styles such as samba, samba reggae, samba funk, samba-E, maracatu and coco. Naturally Batedeira uses traditional Brazilian percussion instruments.


Samba Batedeira | Samba Rio | Samba Reggae | Samba Night Reggae | Samba Camponēs | Coco | Makulele | Maracatu | Tha Lad-E | Girl-E | Chupacabra | Rapido | Voodoo | Vencida! | Tha Cher-E | Marcha | Siranda


Batedeira cooperates with beautiful Brazilian dancers or with steetdance dancers. This combination creates a colorful show that is a delight for the eye. You quickly imagine yourself in the tropical atmosphere of Brazilian carnival!

Additionly it is possible to combine our performance with capoeira. A spectacular powerful show!

Main National Performances

Summer Carnival Rotterdam | SAIL Amsterdam | T-Parade Tilburg | Fiesta del Sol Eindhoven | DelfSail | Sambafestival Nijmegen | Samba Breda | Scheldejazz | Cult & Tumult | Kaais Summer Carnival | Leidens Ontzet

Main International Performances

Notting Hill Festival Londen (UK) | International Samba Festival Coburg (D) | Fiesta del Sol Bad Wildungen (D) | Rosenmontag (D) | Samba de Luxe (L) | BorgerRio Antwerp (B) | Balloon's Day Parade, Brussels (B) | Cavalcade Hervé (B) | Parade Internationale Calais (F) | Fête des Lilas Vitry sur Seine Paris (F)

Recent Awards

1st Summer Carnival Rotterdam (2019)
1st Doesburg Binnenste Buiten (2014)
1st Kaais Summer Carnival (2013)
3rd T-Parade (2012)